Founded by Mark Deo, who has led the change with 126 family businesses over 23 years. The Family Business Advisors Network (FBAN) focus is first on attitudes, behaviors and disciplines of family business leadership, then governance, succession, strategy, and team engagement.

Trends in Family Business Today


Leadership Behaviors

Most organizations focus on performance. Yet behaviors will always precede performance. Leaders must model behaviors, attitudes & disciplines that demonstrate their vision in action.

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Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflict will inhibit the growth and health of the company as well as the family. It impacts non-family members reducing their engagement and enthusiasm.

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Culture Reset

Having several generations of family working side-by-side may result in a misalignment of values and culture. This can cause confusion so a unified vision must be consistently communicated.

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Succession Strategies

Only 1/4 of family businesses pass the reigns to subsequent generations with just 33% having succession plans. Companies with such plans in place are positioned for long-term shareholder value.

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Team Engagement

It is estimated that 71% of all employees are disengaged at work. Most companies try to bribe them with money but all they seek is satisfaction and meaning from their work.

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Board Optimization

The effective governance of a family business is critical. Often times this can be done by optimizing the roles & responsibilities of the directors, advisors and fiduciary board members.

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Organizational Culture Change Process


This proven system instigates positive organizational change in a non-threatening way. As individual and group behaviors shift, team members dream bigger and take-on greater challenges.

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