Conflict Resolution

Conflict has long been viewed as a negative force and while negative conflict does exist and often must be dealt-with positive or constructive conflict is quite a different force altogether.

As leaders we must not allow ourselves to think that we solely carry the burden of resolving conflict.

inset_box_conflict_resolutionI see so many managers, owners and team leader’s rush to squish the most subtle sign of conflict within their

Without conflict we cannot reach the best solution.

This also places us in a patronizing, parental position that encourages your team members to abdicate personal responsibility for resolving conflict.

It keeps them from developing the skills necessary to grow, mature and hold one another accountable.

At Family Business Advisors Network we take a holistic approach to facilitating conflict.

This involves considering the impact on each individual directly involved, contiguous stakeholders, clients or external partners and the organization as a whole.

We begin with conflict facilitation either one-on-one, one-on-two or at times in a group ideation session.

This is all done in a highly sensitive manner preserving all stakeholders’ self-worth and dignity. We then employ a combination of coaching, counseling, team building.

We provide specific communication tools to those involved and we thoroughly train them in their use.

This means observing individuals using these tools in practice and real-time coaching with them to refine the process make corrections and experience more positive outcomes.

The result is conflict that is brought out into the open, dealt-with and fully resolved rather than buried only to cause greater resentment and the creation of silos.


Conflict Resolution Tips

As leaders we need to model guidelines that set the tone for resolving conflict. Allow the team to detect conflict and manage only those circumstances that escalate. In this way we will be empowering and educating our team members to take responsibility.

    These should include:

  • No personal attacks
  • No heated outbursts
  • No backbiting
  • No hostile assumptions

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