Culture Reset

We are in the business of culture change. We call it, "Culture Reset." Resetting a company's culture is not about rewriting policies or procedures nor is it about revising roles and responsibilities although such initiatives are often outgrowths of culture change.

It is about what is in the hearts and minds of the people that make up the family organization. It can be observed in how they treat customers and fellow team members. Or what they say and what they do when the boss isn't around. Its how engaged they are, how they make decisions, solve problems and work together.

culture resetInstigating Change
Cultures typically evolve over time rather than being created in a deliberate way. So trying to shift or move a company culture is not easy. Culture shift only happens when people decide to change their behavior. Most people think behavior is hard coded. While personalities often are hard coded, behaviors and habits on the other hand can be shifted when individuals are willing to change their approach. We help bring people to a place where they are comfortable in making a series of small modifications in their approach to decisions, problem solving and winning cooperation from others.

Steps for Culture Reset
The first step in attempting to shift a company culture is to get a clear picture of the individual and group perceptions. We use several culture clarification tools to determine the type of company culture that exists. This helps us to get consensus on the current culture and define elements of the culture where leaders would like to see a shift. This could be in terms of attitudes and behaviors, deconstruction of silos, better communication, constructive conflict, higher engagement, control attenuation, satisfaction and comfort, risk tolerance and so on. Then we collectively develop the strategies and tactics consistent with the companies values to begin change. This typically involves one-on-one coaching and group training for key leaders and some of the most influential team members.


Culture Reset Tips

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