Book Review – Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marke ting in the Age of Turbulence

This book is very focused on today’s volatile business world, and I really enjoyed reading it. I recommend this book for the business owner who needs practical “fix it now” advice. The reader will gain so much insight just by reading chapter 2, as it covers topics I’m sure today’s business owner is struggling with. I.E. – resource allocation, across the board spending cuts, quick fixes to preserve cash flow, and reducing sales related expenses, etc.

I particularly found a passage in the book that rings true and reinforces my stance that who we are is more important than what we do. The authors state, “So a company’s internal and external behavior leaves a legacy that affects the stakeholder’s future mindsets and behavior toward the company. Often times this reveals the absence of the company’s authenticity, a quality that is becoming increasingly important to consumers.” Being authentic in your marketing and business operations in imperative in maintaining happy customers that return. I recommend this book.