TSA, Friend or Foe?

I have nothing but respect for the TSA. That’s right, while everyone else would like to wring their necks, I truely respect the position these poor agents are in. It’s no win! If they uphold the stupid policies thay are bound to, they are hated and reviled by most travelers. On the other hand if they become lax or let travelers slide, their job is at risk and they are threatening national security. That being said I finally was able to get several TSA agents to agree that thier policies were idiotic. As you may be aware travelers can only carry with them small bottles of liquid in containers less than 3.5ozs. Unfortunately this rule slipped by us and we actually tried to take a container of liquid through security which was apparently 6.25ozs. We were stopped and told this is not allowed. So we took our carry on out of the security area and tranfered the liquid into ANOTHER caontainer so that we now had TWO 3.5oz containers of liquid. This seemed to be OK with TSA and proceeded onto the flight. On the way out of security, the agent stopped me and appologized for the “stupid rule.”

Do you have any stupid rules in your company that your employees may be appologizing for? If so, admit it now and get it changed before ot impacts your brand, customer perception and employee loyalty!