OSHA Trainers

I just learned this from my friends at the Compliance Poster Company, one of the leading providers of OSHA, Safety, Labor Law, Minimum Wage, and other HR resources.

OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is tasked with promoting safe and healthful working conditions in American workplaces. As part of these efforts, OSHA has an “authorized” Outreach Training Program that certifies trainers as being experts in reducing workplace accidents and promoting safety. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous trainers are representing themselves as “authorized” when they are no such thing.

From CPC’s Blog:

In an effort to crack down on fraudulent trainers, OSHA has published what they refer to as an “Outreach Trainer Watch List”. This is a compilation of those who have had their trainer authorizations revoked or suspended. This list is available online and will be updated weekly.

Additionally, OSHA is monitoring training programs and provides a hotline at 847-297-4810 for individuals to file complaints about fraud or abuse.

Find out more about these initiatives from OSHA here

So if your business is considering hiring an OSHA trainer, please make sure to check the OSHA Outreach Trainer Watch List to verify that you are getting a qualified, authorized trainer.