Non-traditional Marketing

I hear from business owners today that advertising and marketing just don’t work the way they used to. Why? Primarily because everyone is saying the same thing. Print, broadcast, Internet and even event marketing and new social media outlets are filled with the same old promises. Most focus on selling product benefits or pushing service solutions. Few marketing initiatives relate directly to the “problems” that customers are having.

I was recently a guest on Jim Blasingame’s radio show, “The Small Business Advocate” to discuss how non-traditional marketing combats these problems. You can listen online to our discussion of how to implement these methods in your business here.

I am also holding a half day seminar in association with Dale Carnegie training, entitled “Beyond Traditional Marketing” on June 4th. Every participant will leave with a marketing plan for their own business, so I encourage you to attend if you are interested in learning more about these techniques. You can find out more about this workshop here.

Take your foot off the brake!

Have you ever driven your car on an icy road?
What happens when you jam-on the brakes?
That’s right, you slide off the road and maybe end-up in a ditch or worse.

That is exactly what is happening to many people today. They are spending entirely too much time watching, reading, listening and talking about how BAD things are in this economy. They are focusing on blaming Bush or Obama or the Fortune 100 CEOS or whoever. As a result, they can’t help but react with fear by jamming-on the brakes.

To read more about why maintaining your marketing efforts is important even in a down economy, please read my latest article.

The Rules of Attraction

The force of “Attraction” is not only one of the most over-simplified principles in business today, but it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the context of client development and the building of business relationships. Entrepreneurs and marketing managers across all industries are learning the hard way that platitudes they’ve read or heard about attraction-based marketing just don’t easily translate into their business. Coupled with the waning effectiveness of traditional marketing, entrepeneurs often want to use attraction based marketing techniques, but lack the knowledge and experience necessary to make this a reality.
For over twenty years I’ve taught entrepreneurs how to apply the rules of attraction to their businesses in a practical, step-by-step manner. Knowing how powerful these techniques are, I’ve always wanted to spread this message to as many small businesses as possible. That’s why I’m excited to announce that my book, The Rules of Attraction is set to be published this coming spring.
The Rules of Attraction takes the reader on a step-by-step journey which not only educates them on the principles of attraction, but inspires them to put them into action by showing precisely HOW to apply each rule to their own marketing initiatives.
I am pleased to be working with Morgan James Publishing, the company behind Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing series of books. Click on the small image to see a larger version of the cover artwork.
The Rules of Attraction will be available in bookstores and on all the major book retailing websites in May, but I will have a limited number of pre-release copies in March that I can distribute to members of my network. If you want to be notified as soon as the book is available, please send an e-mail to and I’ll personally notify you when it is hot off the presses.
I will soon be adding an entire section to this website dedicated to the book with video lessons, bonus content, and a way to get feedback from me on your Attraction Marketing efforts.
Thank you for all the kind notes I’ve receved encouraging me to get this book published.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

The success of Barack Obama in winning the presidency on November 4, 2008 owes much to his message like the promise to pass Democratic policies by rallying a “coalition for change.” But watching Obamamania take hold during his campaigning it became rather apparent that something more subtle was at work. It was not so much the message or the man or how his speeches swayed voters but rather the way the campaign unfolded with a compelling brand and a smooth, systemic viral marketing effort. All this was reinforced with a coherent, comprehensive program of fonts, logos, slogans, web design and strategically placed advertisements and announcements. Obama was the first presidential candidate to be marketed like a high-end consumer brand.

Mr. Obama clearly won the presidency with a well-crafted attraction-based marketing campaign wrapped around one word… CHANGE.

And no one can deny that change is upon us. Not only are we experiencing more change— environmentally, technologically, politically, socially, economically and even interpersonally—today than ever before in history, but the rate at which change is occurring is accelerating as well. Scientific knowledge doubles every fifteen years, and the reservoir of print knowledge doubles every eight. The average young adult today must manage more relationships in one year than their grandparents had to manage during their entire lives. Obviously, a business owner must not wonder if he or she will face major change in the coming months. The more important question is: “How will I deal with it?”

If we approach change from the standpoint of attraction, then we won’t simply struggle to adapt to uncontrollable change; instead, we can lead revolutionary change! With the right knowledge, mindset, and discipline, we can actually attract positive, desirable change, rather than being swept away by forces outside of our control.